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Logo 2000 Quality award of Russian Federation Government (72K) RW TUV ISO Certificate (24K) Finalist of All-Russia program - competition " Hundred best goods of Russia " 2000 (29K)

GOST 19347-99

This reagent is one of 100 Best Quality Russian Goods of 2000Y Competition

A1 Grade Copper Sulphate (42K)

Copper sulphate is produced from the depleted solution from electrolytic copper refining.

CuSO4*5H2O is water-soluble light blue or cyan hydroscopic crystals.

The copper sulphate is used for ore flotation at Coppers Concentrators, for struggle with agricultural pests, production of artificial fibers, organic dyes, mineral paints, arsenic chemicals.

Copper sulphate is referred to medium toxic insecticide-pesticide, fire-safe and non-explosive as well.

Physical and chemical properties:

Description of property Standard for  1Grade Fact Valueof JSC KECP
1 Mass fraction of copper sulphate:    
  on conversion to CuSO4*5H2O, %, not less 98,0 98,7
  on conversion to copper, %, not less 24,94 25,11
2 Mass fraction of Fe, %, less than 0,04 0,013
3 Mass fraction of free sulfuric acid, %, less than 0,25 not found
4 Mass fraction of water insoluble residue, %, less than 0,05 0,017
5 Mass fraction of arsenic, %, less than 0,012 0,004

Copper sulphate is packed up 250.25 kg in polypropylene fabric bags with the polyethylene insert. The bags are stacked on wooden pallets by 50 pcs and tied with some layers of plastic film.

Copper sulphate can be packed into polypropylene big-bags with polyethylene inserts on customer request.

Shelf life guaranteed for copper sulphate is two years.

Quality System for copper sulphate manufacture has been certified by both Russian GOSTSTANDART and German RW TÜV according to ISO 9002.


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