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Logo 2000 Quality award of Russian Federation Government (72K) RW TUV ISO Certificate (24K) Finalist of All-Russia program - competition " Hundred best goods of Russia " 2000 (29K)

GOST 546-2001

This copper is one of 100 Best Quality Russian Goods of 2000 Competition.

Copper Catodes (46K)

Copper cathodes are produced by depositing copper on permanent titanic cathode plates while electrolytic refining of copper-sulphate solution. Due to the process and four-stage washing, final cathode copper is of high quality.

This cathode copper is intended for production of wire rod, wires from copper and copper alloys.

Cathode copper quality:

GOST 0,0002* 0,0002* 0,0002* 0,0004 0,0005 0,001 0,002**
FACT 0,00007 0,00012 0,00005 0,00011 0,00007 0,00026 0,00013
REQ Pb Sn S O Zn P Ag
GOST 0,0005
0,0015 0,01
0,0015*** 0,002
FACT 0,00027 0,00008 0,00046 0,0012 0,00024 0,00002 0,00058

*Bi, Se, Te give in sum less than 0.0003%.
**For sum of Ni, Zn, Si, Sn, Fe, Co.
*** For sum of P, Cr, Mn, As, Cd, Sb.

Actually, the total sum of normed impurities, except for oxygen, does not exceed 0.0030% when GOST 859-78 requirement is less than 0.0065%.

Cathodes meet Cu-CATH-1 grade of English standard BS 6017-1981.

Cathode dimensions are 4-6 x 860 x 1000 mm, average weight - 35 kgs. One side of cathode is smooth, another one is rough. The surface of cathodes is clean, well washed down. Cathodes are packed with 4 steel strips in stacks of 1600 kg average weight. The upper sheet is marked with the data: manufacturer's name, date of production, weight, manufacturer's brand, copper grade, cell number, stack number.

Cathode copper quality is approved by mean of contemporary laboratory equipment and methods: SHIMADZU atomic absorptive spectrometer, SPECTROFLAME atomic emission spectrometer, S-mat 550PC and O-mat 3500 gas-analysers of STROHLEIN, using SPECTROLAB S of SPECTRO for rapid analysis.

Quality System for copper cathode manufacture has been certified by both Russian GOSTSTANDART and German RW TÜV according to ISO 9002.


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