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Specs 1844-010-03292517-2004

Copper Wire Rod (39)

Copper wire rod is manufactured by continuous rolling of copper bar cast from M00k / M0k cathode copper according to GOST 546.

Copper wire rod is manufactured under mark KMO (i.e. Russian abbreviation of copper wire rod brighten) met the quality requirements of classes/categories A, B and C.

Copper wire rod is in line with American Standard ASTM B 49-10.

Copper wire rod has equal cross section over the length. Its cross section is round, diameter of 8.0 mm. Extreme deviations of diameter and ovality of copper wire rod is less than ± 0.38 mm for classes A and B, ± 0.5 mm for class C.

Copper wire rod along full length has plane, smooth surface, free of cracks and inclusions.

Few minor surface defects are allowed, namely lap, overcut, marks, scratch, burr, dent) not receptively deeper/higher than 0.1 mm for class A, 0.2 mm for class B, and 0.3 mm for class C.

Limit thickness of surface oxide film is less that 500 Å for class A, for class B - 1000 Å, and 1500 Å for class C.

Chemical composition of copper wire rod meets the requirements of GOST 859, namely:

Elongation of class A rod should be not less than 38%, the same for class B is not less than 35%, not less than 35% for class C. Tensile strength is measured above 160 N/mm2.

Copper wire rod sustains the 10 twist-untwist test with neither fracture nor reveals of casting or rolling defects (laps, cracks, voids) which are less than 0.1 mm for class A, 0.3 mm for classes B and C.

Copper wire rod of class A should sustain more than 50 twists till fracture. Copper wire rod of class B should sustain more than 45 twists till fracture. Copper wire rod of class C should sustain more than 40 twists till fracture.

Copper wire rod is one-piece coiled with weight not less than 500 kg and not more than 3,400 kg ± 10%.

Coils of wire rod must be tightly tied in no less than four places by steel band or ribbon made of other materials suitable for this application, eliminating spillage or skewed coils during transportation and shipped to the consumer on wooden pallets, preventing wire rod from mechanical damages during transportation. Wire rod is wrapped. The wrap shall protect wire rod from contaminating and affecting by atmospheric precipitations. Wrap consists of polymer film with lining material above the pallets. Silica gel of one (1) kg (or moisture absorber "PVBO" of approx. one (1) kg) is put inside of each coil.

Quality management system, environmental management system, and OHSAS management system was certified by TÜV NORD, German certification body, against requirements of standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

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