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Logo 2000 Quality award of Russian Federation Government (72K) RW TUV ISO Certificate (24K) Winner of 100 Best Quality Russian Goods of 2000Y Competition (34K)

GOST 4465 - 74

This reagent is winner of 100 Best Quality Russian Goods of 2000Y Competition.

Nickel Sulphate (50K)

Water - soluble emerald green crystals eroding in air. The unique technology helps to keep Mg limit in the reagent lower than 0.03%. That makes the reagent applicable for battery manufacture and nickel-plating as well.

Formula: NiSO4 * 72

Molecular mass: 280.86

Chemical composition of nickel sulphate:

Grade Fraction of total mass, %
NiSO4*72, not less Impurity, not more, %
Cl N K+Na+
Fe Co Zn Cu Pb
Pure GOST 97 0,01
0,2 0,003 0,10 0,01 0,002 0,001
fact value 98,1 0,0008
0,15 <0,001 0,002 0,01 0,001 <0,001

Note: Fraction of total mass insoluble in water does not exceed 0.02 %.

Reagent is packed and marked according to GOST 3885-73.
1) Polyethylene bag; multi-ply paper bag.
2) Polypropylene bag with polyethylene insert.

Bag weight does not exceed 50±0.5 kgs.
The 1-kg packing is available by order.
The bags are stacked on a wooden by 21 pcs and are strapped with a few layers of polyethylene film.

The material remains deposited in covered storage rooms.

Its storage warranty period is 6 months from the date of manufacture, provided that the product is transported and stored properly. Shelf life for 1-kg packing is three years.

Quality System for nickel sulphate reagent manufacture has been certified by both Russian GOSTSTANDART and German RW TÜV according to ISO 9002.


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