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Selenium shaped into granules and powder is a product of processing
anode slime formed during electrolytic copper refining.

Chemical composition of Selenium of grade ST1:

Fraction of total mass, %
not less than
Impurity, not more, %
Fe Cu Pb Hg Te As S Al
99,0 0,01 0,005 0,005 0,005 0,1 0,005 0,02 0,005

Selenium is used in manufacture of glass, paints, enamels, and in pharmacy. It is also a raw material for the production of the high purity grade selenium.

The particle size of Selenium Powder is less than 1 mm, without inclusions or lumps. On customer request the product can be provided with the maximum  grain size of 0.63 mm.

Packaging: a polyethylene bag, 120 mm thick; a synthetic fabric bag, wooden box.

Net weight of Selenium packed into the box does not exceed 40 kg.

We supply the product in container or packages.

Package weight: 800 kg (max.). Dimensions: 12408401350 mm; Strapping: two steel strips, 30 1.0 mm.

The product warranty storage is 5 years in an unheated room, or 8 years in a heated room.

Quality System for selenium manufacture has been certified by both Russian GOSTSTANDART and German RW TÜV according to ISO 9002.

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