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GOST 28595-90


Silver is recovered by processing the copper anode slime from copper electrolytic refinery.

Due to the unique affinage process, the silver has high quality.

Silver bars are produced in grade rating of SpA-1 and SpA-2.

Chemical composition of silver:

Grade Fraction of total mass, %
Ag, not less Impurity, not more, %
Au Pt-Pd Fe Pb Bi Te Sb Total
SpA-1 99,99 0,0006 0,0010 0,0010 0,0020 0,0010 0,0020 0,0010 0,01
SpA-2 99,98 0,0006 0,0010 0,0020 0,0030 0,0020 0,0040 0,0020 0,02

1. No norms for Zn and Cu impurities, but their fact values are available.
2. Column Total is a sum of all impurities measured.

Surface of each ingot is subject to inspection, marking and weighing.
The bar weight should be within 28 - 32 kgs.
The bars are produced in form of truncated pyramid.

By customer orders it is allowed to produce another bars in term of shape, weight and dimensions.

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